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Our junior section is for those aged under 18; we provide two coaching sessions one for young beginners and one for junior improvers on Fridays, see the current programme for full details. It's not all serious coaching, however, junior members are encouraged to play amongst themselves and against adults at the Friday night open sessions and there are regular 'fun' evenings when teams of juniors compete against each other at various table tennis based skill competitions.

As a holder of Sport England's Clubmark award we have been recognised as having a safe environment for children. The Club has adopted the Table Tennis England's Child Protection Policy, Table Tennis England also maintains an up to date list of approved coaches which may be downloaded from their website.

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National Cadet & Junior COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018

Luke Davies-Stokes (far left in photo) led the cadets and also played in the Juniors along with his elder brother, James, who won all of his 6 matches without losing a set.

Suffolk Cadets TT team



Surrey and Middlesex 1 seek to return straight back to the Premier Division.

The first rounds of County Cadet Division 1A matches were played on Saturday 20 October 2018. Relegated from the Premier Division last season were Surrey 1 and Middlesex 1 and they both showed that they were determined to return straight back. However only one team can be promoted from the Division so it will be all to play for in the round two matches particularly as they have to play one another in the opening match.

For this first round of matches the Division was split in to two halves, the eastern half Essex, Middlesex 1, Middlesex 2 and Suffolk to play one another at NETTS, Earls Colne whilst the southern half of the Division, Surrey 1, Surrey 2 and Sussex 2 played one another at Graham Spicer, New Malden. Sadly, at the last minute, the two Middlesex teams found themselves with only one girl player for each team.

In the opening round of matches at Earls Colne Middlesex 1 played Suffolk. Despite being a girl short they won seven of the eight matches played, Suffolk’s Luke Davies-Stokes defeating the higher ranked Barney Mindlin 3-1 in the last match. Best match looked to be the girls match between Scarlett Anders and Isobel McGerty with Scarlet winning the deciding game 11-7. In the Essex v Middlesex 2 match it was Daniel Young’s last match 3-1 win over the much higher ranked Jenson Moreno that gained Essex the 6-4 win. Lucas Aulnette won both his matches for Middlesex 2.

For the second round of matches the two Middlesex teams had to play one another. The second team’s Lucas would have been pleased with his win against Charlie Nabarro after losing the first two games 10 and 9. The Middlesex 1’s 7-2 win reflects that each team were a girl short. The match between County neighbours Essex and Suffolk was the longest of the day timewise after four of the first five matches went to a deciding game with Suffolk winning three of those four. Daniel, by winning the last match, and Maliha Baig won both their matches in gaining the draw for Essex and Luke his two for Suffolk.

In the last round of matches Essex played Middlesex 1. Jesse Bath won his opening match against the much higher ranked Charlie Nabarro 3-0 but that was the only match that Essex won on the table. Best match was that between Maliha and Scarlett which Scarlett won in the deciding game of an all action match to retain her unbeaten status for the day. The final match was between Suffolk and Middlesex 2. Brandon Sangchin won both his matches for the Middlesex team against the higher ranked McKenzie Lowe and Luke and Suffolk won the rest for an 8-2 win, the highest winning score of the day.

What a difference at the Graham Spicer Centre where all three matches ended in 9-1 wins.

The first match was between Surrey 1 and Surrey 2. Ojasvii Borah would be pleased with his performance for the second team winning his opening match against Mikaeel Toosy 5, -11, 12, 15 and taking Ollie Maric-Murrey to a deciding game in the final match of the match. Other than that the first team showed no mercy to their second team, only one of the other eight matches needing a fourth game.

The next match was between Surrey 2 and Sussex 2.and this time it was Surrey 2 who won 9-1, only Sacha Ward gaining a 3-0 win over Lena Mitchell for the Sussex team. She was close to a second win taking Lucy Adams to a deciding game as was Max Wilson in the last match against Ojasvii.

The final match was between Surrey 1 and Sussex 2. Sussex had lost the first six matches all 3-0 until Deniz Dinc stemmed the flow with a five game win over Emily Cheung. In both their matches Ollie and Henry Maric-Murrey and Yuvathi Kumar were unbeaten.

The final round of matches will be played at BATTS Harlow when there will be four rounds of matches to play. Currently scheduled for Sunday 31 March but could be switched to Saturday 30 March if the scheduled Premier British League match becomes an away fixture.

Arthur C. Clark

Essex Junior Match Secretary and Cadet Division 1A Organiser.


Suffolk Cadets are currently 3rd iin the table with 3 points, with Surrey 1 on 4 points and Middlesex 1 on 8 points



The first rounds of County Junior Division 2C matches were played on Saturday 3 November 2018. Every Team gained at least a point so it looks as though there could be some close matches for the final round.

For this first round of matches the Division was split in to two halves, the eastern half Bedfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire and Suffolk played one another at NETTS, Earls Colne whilst the southern and western half of the Division, Berkshire, Oxfordshire Surrey 2 and Sussex 3 played one another at the Graham Spicer venue, New Malden. All matches were played on two tables. Sadly, at the last minute, Bedfordshire found themselves with only one girl player for their team.

In the opening round of matches at Earls Colne Beds played Herts. Victor Rioja and Isabelle Lacorte led their team to a 7-3 win with two wins each with Oliver Horswell winning two for Beds. Herts Samuel Flaum was the busiest player going to a decider in both his matches, winning one and losing one, both at 11-7. In the other match Essex 2 played neighbours Suffolk. Kian Burgess and James Davies-Stokes with two wins each led Suffolk to a 7-3 win. Maliha Baig would be pleased with her two wins over the higher ranked Suffolk girls.

For the second round of matches Beds played Suffolk and after Joe Peckham won the opening match for Beds it was one-way traffic for Suffolk winning the remaining nine matches, two of which were concessions, and only one match not won 3-0. The match between Herts and Essex 2 finished with the same 9-1 score line to Herts. Maliha won the only match for Essex. Four matches went to a decider and Herts won them all, the closest being Samuel Flaum’s 15-13 win in the fifth game against Harry Keys.

In the last round of matches Essex 2 played Beds and the result was the only draw of the day. Oliver Horswell winning two for Beds and Arran Hutchinson similarly for Essex, his match with Joe Peckham containing three deuce games including the decider at 15-13. The other match was between the two leading teams, Suffolk and Herts, each having identical points and Sets differences and Suffolk a very slight games difference advantage. Victor Rioja two 3-0 wins for Herts and when James Davies-Stokes won his second match it made the match score 4-4. Herts won the last two matches, the last match won by James Hamblett 11-4 in the deciding game. Longest match was that between Lucy Curtis (Sk) and Emilly Ravetto (He) with Lucy coming back from 2-1 down to win the last two games 9 and 9.

What a difference at the Graham Spicer Centre where match scores were much closer.

In the opening round of matches Oxfordshire played Surrey 2. The first four matches were shared, all won 3-0. Then the highest ranked player at either venue, Surrey’s Nahom Goitom played Todd Stanmore, ranked 400 points below him, and he was made to work hard for his win, 14-12 in the fourth game. Todd was the only player taken to a fifth game, a 11-9 win over Ollie Maric-Murray. By winning the last match Nahom got Surrey 2 a 6-4 win. Yuvathi Kumar won both her matches 3-0. It was a right old battle on the other two tables between Sussex 3 and Berkshire. The first match between Joseph Barraclough (Bk) and Jamar McGlashan (Sx) was a marathon with Joseph just scraping home 12-10 in the decider. Joseph went on to win his second match 3-0. The girls Holly Ranson (Bk) and Sacha Ward (Sx) had an even closer marathon match with Holly eventually winning 5, 12, -13, -7, 13. It was the Sussex girl Chaudia Hough who won her two matches to gain the draw for the Sussex team.

For the second round of matches Surrey 2 played Sussex 3. Surprisingly the Surrey number 1, Howard Onweng lost both his matches in the deciding games to Harry Yip (15-13) and Jamar McGlashan (11-4). Nahom, Yuvathi and Henry Maric-Murray all won both their matches and Claudia Hough the only other win for the Sussex team. Neighbours Berks and Oxon played each other and Oxon came out on top. The Oxon girls Vicky Coll and Pelin Karabulut four wins went a long way to the Oxfordshire win and Todd’s two wins and Kiarash Shaddel’s one win made it 7-3. This was after Berks had won the opening two matches through Johnson Xu and Raayan Asghar.

At this stage Surrey 2 were already two points ahead at the top of their Table and they now had bottom team Berkshire to play. Nahom, who was taken the full distance by Joseph Barraclough, Yuvathi and Karishma Shah all won their two matches. A 7-3 win for Surrey 2 after losing the opening two matches. Oxon claimed the runners-up position when they defeated Sussex 3 6-4 after being 4-2 down. It was the girls Vicky and Pelin that kept the Oxon team in the match and Todd and Kiarash swung the match by winning the final two matches after Jamar had won both his matches for Sussex.

The final round of matches will be played at BATTS Harlow on Saturday 1 December 2018.

Arthur C. Clark
Essex Junior Match Secretary and Cadet Division 1A Organiser


Suffolk Juniors are also currently in 3rdv place with 4 points behind Surrey 2 and Hertfordshire, both with 6.