Teams for 2015/16 season

These pages show which teams have been entered into which competitions this season

Our Club Captain, Lee, has provided some thoughts on how we should represent our Club.

Bury St Edmunds & District League


Following Pumas success in winning Div 2 last season we now have 2 teams in Div 1, we have also maintained 3 teams in Div 2 and 1 in the 2 player League.

  Jaguars Pumas Leopards Tigers Lynx Bobcats
Captain Sandra Balaam Malcolm Collins Ian Bridgeman Nick Samson David Gough Joseph Kulesa
Players Nigel Howe
Chris Smith
Mark Lewis
John Leith
John Clarke
Ryan Collins
James Davies-Stokes
Jason Annal
Antonio Toril
Marcus Hammond
Mel Redit
Pete Bernard
Keith George
Jack Samson
Megan Bollen
Luke Davies-Stokes
Richard Stokes
Tony Giddens
David Aldous
Terry Betts
Carol Clarke
Andy Bennett
Martin Chamberlain
Scott Day
Lynn Allen
Mark Hyde
Albert Roberts
Joseph Kulesa (Jnr)
Division Div 1 Div 1 Div 2 Div 2 Div 2 2 Player

Junior Leagues

Details of our teams in the National Junior League, National Cadet League and the Suffolk & Cambs Border League can be found in the Junior section