Stowmarket Table Tennis Club

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Covid-19 Club Policy

Please read below the club’s Covid-19 policy for playing at Stowupland. 

The Table Tennis England (TTE) guidelines are available on the TTE website, here.


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Following advice from the Government and Table Tennis England

Any person considered to be in the SHIELDING (high risk/clinically extremely vulnerable) group or caring for someone who is shielding, should consider very carefully whether they should attend any club session. If they do so they must accept that they do so at their own risk.

  • It is a requirement that you are a member of Table Tennis England before playing. This provides some public liability insurance cover.
  • All sessions will require to be pre-booked. If this is not done and someone turns up on the off chance they will be refused entry. The booking method will be advised separately and may include an online system with provision for those without internet access.
  • There is a QR code at the entrance for those with the Track & Trace app, please sign in with this if you can.
  • Payment for playing may be made in cash but it is requested that you have the right amount which should be dropped into the tin. It is planned to wash all coins at the end of the session. If possible, you are encouraged to pay using online banking and provision is available to pay for several sessions in advance. Details can be provided on request.
  • We ask that players do not arrive too early for their session and if they do so they should wait outside using social distancing. 
  • Equipment will be set up and taken down by the steward(s). No other players should get involved.
  • We ask that all players wear their own face covering when attending until they are at the table ready to play. If not playing then they should be worn. 
  • We expect everyone to adhere to the social distancing policy in waiting areas (both inside and outside) and especially at the reception desk.
  • We ask that all players sanitise their hands when entering and suggest that you do so before leaving. Hand cleansing will be provided on entry but you are requested to bring your own for use at other times.
  • The steward who is acting as organiser will be sat just inside the door. He/she will check and obtain confirmation from the player that they are clear of symptoms and, as far as they are aware, that they have not been in contact with anyone that may have them,  before agreeing to their entry to the hall.
  • If you need to use the toilet facilities the Disabled toilet is available on a one in, one out policy.
  • To maintain a safe distance we are complying with advice from Table Tennis England (TTE) by only having 3 tables in use, spaced at least 4.5m apart. There will be 2 chairs at each table, one for each player, where any personal effects should be stored. If moving around the room belongings should be left there until the end of the session to reduce any risk of cross infection.
  • TTE advice that we can have a “bubble” of up to 6 players who can change playing partners during the session whilst maintaining social distancing. Players will only be able to play in one of the 1hour sessions as it is not possible to be a member of two separate “bubbles” on the same day.
  • All players must have their own bat, but balls will be supplied and these will be cleaned before and after each session. TTE advise that this is not seen as a significant transmitter of the disease unless held in the hand for about 15 minutes. 
  • No hand shaking, hand slapping or fist pumping is permitted.
  • You are requested to leave as soon as possible at the end of your session and that any socialising should take place outside the building.
  • There will be a 15 minute gap between the sessions to provide time for the steward(s) to clean equipment and such things as door handles, etc.
  • Whilst the club is doing as much as possible to create a safe environment it is not possible to guarantee complete safety. It is the responsibility of each player to comply with all the conditions laid down here and anyone failing to do so may be asked to leave and refused entry in future. It must be emphasised that players attend at their own risk.
Table layout - league bubble
Table layout – league bubble